It is an exciting time in Republic city! The barrier between the spirit world and the physical one is no more! Due to this there are many new technologies becoming known to those residing within the city as the residents start to become used to this new presence.
But along with any new force in the world there are those who seek to misuse it and others that are just malicious in their intentions.

Where you make your home is just on the other side of the train tracks, where all the strife, suffering, and horrors of the city get swept beneath the carpet. A local constable has sought your help in helping to investigate matters that may or may not be linked to malicious endeavors.

Your home is industrial park, where the corporations are willing to pay you a measly fee to work in their factories. If you are a bender then you may get more, but the work is more dangerous.

You have heard rumors lately of benders getting kidnapped and waking up days later in strange places with no memory or recollection of where they have been.

Avatar: A Survival Horror